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Darmstadt Launch Alliance - Rocket Science @h_da


The Darmstadt Launch Alliance (DLA) is a project group that designs, builds and launches model rockets. The DLA wants to transfer the theoretical content of various h_da lectures into an interesting application project. The participants should get to know the technical content of the course closer and better through application in an exciting environment.

The Darmstadt Launch Alliance (DLA) was founded in January 2023 by Prof. Dr. Eiken Lübbers (@hda10343). Remembering his days launching model rockets with his brother in the 1990s he adopted the hobby to be the practical example in his lectures and seminars at h_da. It covers the topics of electronic design, sensor design, software programming, mechanical design, aerodynamics, etc..

The DLA has already held a successful Launch Day in July 2023 and enabled many dozens of rocket launches. The Ariane 6 model developed by DLA had its first flight. Every year, various DLA projects are presented to a broad audience at Launch Day.

Student Projects

Every year a student team shall develop, build, test and fly a model rocket. There will be a main topic of development each year. The development will be presented at a launch day at the end of the summer semester. In the winter semester selected topics will be developed further by another student or team.

Year Main Development Topics Project page Students
2023 Summer Altimeter prototype 2023 Altimeter Eve Bönicke, Sebastian Kositza, Julian Schott (Seminar Automation)
2023 Winter Altimeter w/ WLAN 2023 Altimeter WLAN Tobias Stein (Semester Project)
2024 Summer Rocket Motor Test Stand, Altimeter, Simulation 2024 Rocket Motor Verification tbd

CAM-Lab Projects

The projets of the CAM lab are ongoing developments throughout the year. They are also presented during the launch days together with the student projects.

  • Ariane 6 model rocket
    • 3D printed prototype (1:93)
    • 1st flight ready version A6M1
    • Rocket Simulation
    • First Launch (14.7.2023)
    • 2nd model version A6M2
  • Rocket PCB
    • First version with 10 DOF sensor and ESP32

Launch Days

Date link
2023-07-14 Launch Day 2023