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Everything here is taken from the slides for the "Compiler Construction"
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See **Chapter 1 Front End Construction**, Slides 21 and 22 (and please let me know when the inevitable day comes that these slide numbers are no longer correct).
Building and Running
Build the program by running `make`.
In case of doubt, use the voodo command `make clean` and then repeat `make`.
To test the program, run `make test`. This also illustrates how the intepreter is used.
Alternatively, just run the program with *no* parameters (i.e. simply `./intepreter`).
It will tell you how it wants to be run.
(Actually not quite true -- it doesn't tell you that you can run `./interpreter -`,
i.e. use a minus sign for an input file name. If you do that, the intepreter reads
its input from stdin. Useful for piping input to the program. Confusing when used
in the terminal interactively, because output is delayed until you least expect it).
Contents (Manifest)
You should find here:
* `interpreter.cpp`
The interpreter, all in one file. Bad style perhaps, but there it is!
* `Makefile`
Used to run make (obviously?).
* `testInput.txt` and `testOutput.txt`
If you run `.interpreter testInput.txt` and get other output than
what you find in `testOutput.txt`, then something is wrong.
This is exactly what `make test` does.
* ``
This file.
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