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......@@ -15,13 +15,24 @@ There are (or will be some day) subdirectories here:
This code take mathematical expressions and evaluates them,
i.e. it outputs numbers.
2. `halfBakedCompiler`
1. `interpreter++`
This code does exactly what interpreter does
(except for `make test`, which does more).
The major difference is more extensive use of C++ features,
including the new (C++17) `std::variant<>` template.
Testing is also more extensive.
This is meant mostly as a preparation for larger projects where
software engineering aspects becomes more important
whereas the version in `interpreter` (see above) is meant
to get down to recursive descent parsing as quickly as possible.
1. `halfBakedCompiler`
This code takes mathematical expressions and convets them into
an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree), then dumps that tree to output
(i.e. displays the tree as text). It does nothing really useful,
in other words.
3. `LLVMcompiler`
1. `LLVMcompiler`
This is vaporware -- in other words, it does not exist yet, and
may never do so. But I hope someday to create a version that
builds the AST, then converts it to LLVM IR, and then evaluates
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