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Prof. Dr. Ronald Charles Moore,
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30 April 2020
Everything here is taken from the slides for the "Compiler Construction"
course, i.e. it is directly from Prof. Ronald C. Moore.
Or at least, after all this time, I really don't remember having stolen
this code from somewhere else, but if you find an older copy that looks
similar, please let me know, so I can give credit where credit is due --
or disavow knowledge of that source (as the case may be).
There are (or will be some day) subdirectories here:
1. `interpreter`
This code take mathematical expressions and evaluates them,
i.e. it outputs numbers.
2. `halfBakedCompiler`
This code takes mathematical expressions and convets them into
an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree), then dumps that tree to output
(i.e. displays the tree as text). It does nothing really useful,
in other words.
3. `LLVMcompiler`
This is vaporware -- in other words, it does not exist yet, and
may never do so. But I hope someday to create a version that
builds the AST, then converts it to LLVM IR, and then evaluates
the IR (using LLVM's JIT capabilities). Perhaps it could some day
even create an executable binary? That would be "nice to have",
as people say...
Ronald Moore
30 April 2020
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