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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • typeenhancement
    Indicates that this issue is about a general enhancement not necessarily is just about code / documentation updates and therefore not covered by the 'type::update functionality' label.
  • Indtcates that the functionality described in this issue should be implemented.
  • typeorganization
    Indicates that this issue is about planning for the project and does not include code changes.
  • Indicates that a previously implemented functionality should be updated according to this issue.
  • The issue is currently being worked on. If development is completed the issue is reviewed.
  • Special workflow label to use for more general purpose instead of just development - equivalent to "workflow::development"
  • workflowreview
    The issue is currently being reviewd. If everything is fine, the issue will be closed and merged.
  • workflowselected
    The issue is selected for development. Next stage will be development in progress. Make sure to also consider the assigned priority.
  • Indicates an issue that has no clear way to proceed with. The solution might require external help or external implementation that is not yet available.
  • Indicates that an issue has been implemented, but needs further verification before closing or moving to final review.
  • 🚫blocked
    Issue is blocked for some reason. See comments for further explanation.
  • 🦦