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- Ranking by best practice as incentive
- [Biggest Failures in Security]( Tries to identify the "biggest failures" in security and to get a comprehensive understanding on their overall impact on security. [[AVVY19]](../../refs#avvy19)
- Best practice for agility in protocols
- Best practice for agility in protocols
- [Guidelines for Cryptographic Algorithm Agility and Selecting Mandatory-to-Implement Algorithms]( Provides guidelines to ensure that protocols have the ability to migrate from one mandatory-to-implement algorithm suite to another over time. [[Hou15]](../../refs#hou15)
- Building blocks of crypto-agility
- [On the importance of cryptographic agility for industrial automation]( This work motivates cryptographic agility by discussing the threat of quantum computers to moderncryptography. [[PN19]](../../refs#pn19)
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