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# Changelog
### v0.9.8 <small>_October_ 10, 2019_</small>
* Server: Changed the default version from unknown to dev
* Server: Updated website (fixed some glitches)
* Reformatted
* README now just links to docs
* CONTRIBUTING now just links to docs
* Docs: Moved changelog
* Docs: Moved license
* Docs: Moved streamtv-java
* Docs: Removed unused docs
* Docs: Fixed typos and updated reference
* Docs: Small quickstart fix
* Docs: Added more info to options
* Docs: Updated download table and link in server index
* Docs: Updated main index page
* Docs: Moved alternatives to miscellany
* Docs: Moved and updated contributing
* Docs: Removed unused about index
* Docs: Added initial twitch-resources
* Docs: Updated new project tree
### v0.9.7 <small>_September 24, 2019_</small>
* Repo: Updated .gitignore
* Docs: Added content to Contributing
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