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## Documentation layout
<!-- # Stream TV Project
- **[Project](** _What you are reading right now_
How the project is structured and a bit about Twitch.
!!! example "*TODO*"
* The documentation is written in mixed german and english. I should decide on one.
* Maybe there should be an icon on each article (left drawer) that specifies if it is important.
* Maybe add dual language for pages that are crucial for the hands-on training
* Also i dont like this page
- **[Server](server/**
Getting started with the Stream TV Server, the very important [Reference](server/ and additional information.
Stream TV ist ein Projekt was an der [Hochschule Darmstadt]( für das NZSE (Nutzerzentrierte Softwareentwicklung) Praktikum erstellt wurde. Im Rahmen des Praktikums soll eine Android App entwickelt werden die den hier dokumentierten Stream TV Server fernsteuert. Der Stream TV Server stellt livestreams der popularen streaming seite []( da.
- **[Remote](remote/**
Resources to get you started on requesting the server from your Android app.
Das Projekt ist ein direkter Nachfolger des [TV Servers]( welcher Standbilder diverser Fernsehsender anzeigt.
## Einteilung Dokumentation
- [Project]( Allgemeines und quickstart.
- [Server](server/ Spezifisches über den Server.
- [Remote](remote/ Hilfestellungen für das Programmieren der Android App.
- [About](about/ Meta-dokumentation.
- **[About](about/**
Meta-documentation and miscellany.
!!! info
Für das Praktikum ist das lesen der kompletten Dokumentation nicht nötig. Vorallem das Kapitel [About](about/ ist vorallem für interne Zwecke gedacht. -->
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For the hands-on training not every page of this documentation is important. E.g. the [About](about/ chapter is mostly for internal purposes and curious readers.
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# Project Structure
!!! example "*TODO*"
* wie alles aufgebaut ist: Server, Website, Terminal, Prakikum, Remote, Testpage, emulator.
* worum sich die studenten nicht kümmern müssen
* die dokumentation ist viel weiterreichend als (für die studis) notwendig
## Simple Project Structure
<!-- **The following System Design doesn't fit here and is just a plain copy paste from the old wiki.**
### System Proposal with a local backend (comparable to the existing TV Server).
## Advanced Project Structure <small>for Developers</small>
- *App* connects via IP address to the *Backend*.
- *App* requests content via *Backend*.
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- *Backend* forwards controls from the *App* to the *Website*.
- *Website* displays Twitch stream(s).
### System Proposal with no local backend. The backend is then provided by us in the cloud / fbi-network for everybody.
This is similar to the other proposal, but this time only a single backend exists and is shared between all the users. To differentiate between different users – tokens need to be used.
- *App* connects via a public hostname to the *Backend* and specifies a token to identify the website instance it wants to control.
- *App* requests content via *Backend*.
- *App* controls *Website* via *Backend*.
- *Backend* requests content from the Twitch API and simplifies the response for the *App*.
- *Backend* forwards controls from the *App* to the *Website*.
- *Website* displays Twitch stream(s).
![system-proposal-2.svg](../assets/system-proposal-2.svg) -->
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# Twitch
!!! example "*TODO*"
* about twitch
- [ ] about twitch
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