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Updated CHANGELOG to v0.9.9

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# Changelog
### v0.9.8 <small>_October_ 10, 2019_</small>
### v0.9.9 <small>_November 1, 2019_</small>
* Server: Renamed from Stream TV Server to Stream Server
* Server: Website is now properly packed into the binary
* Docs: Updated links to new repo
* Docs: Completely redone layout
* Docs: Redone some formatting
* Server: Split website files into parts
* Server: Rewrote some large parts of the core api handling
* A bunch of other changes that I don't want to individually list here
### v0.9.8 <small>_October 10, 2019_</small>
* Server: Changed the default version from unknown to dev
* Server: Updated website (fixed some glitches)
* Reformatted
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