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# Stream TV Project
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Stream TV is a project developed at [Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da)]( for the [User-Centric Software Development]( hands-on training. In the course the students develop an Android app that remote controls the Stream TV Server.
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This server displays (in the browser on the student's laptop / computer) streams of the popular []( livestream platform.
The student's app can request the server via a simple HTTP API to query the Twitch API for content and to change the state of the display.
**TODO (this page already exists i just can't merge it yet)**
The project is intended as an direct successor to the [TV Server]( which displays hardcoded still frames of german TV channels.
The goal was to:
- **Increase student engagement** by providing access to a modern engaging platform that the students either already know or can quickly adopt to.
- **Differentiate app designs and diversify stereotypes:** The legacy TV Server only has one endpoint to *discover* content. By providing 7 distinct endpoints to the real Twitch API students can differentiate themself in their project design, stereotypes and methods. Of course that doens't mean all endpoint must be used.
- **Improve usefulness:** The students apps for the legacy TV Server are completely useless after the course. We hope that our project is actually useful and might still be relevant after the course was passed by the students.
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