Commit 16af111b authored by Samuel MARTIN MORO's avatar Samuel MARTIN MORO
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feat(chat-message): allow for custom message definition

parent 2d6749dd
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ You need to set some environment variables to run the container.
* BBB_USER_NAME - the username to join the meeting. (Default: Live)
* BBB_SHOW_CHAT - shows the chat on the left side of the window (Default: false)
* BBB_RESOLUTION - the streamed/downloaded resolution (Default: 1920x1080)
* BBB_CHAT_MESSAGE - prefix for the message that would be posted to BBB chat, while joining a conference (Default: "This meeting is streamed to")
* TZ - Timezone (Default: Europe/Vienna)
#### Chat settings
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ def bbb_browser():
tmp_chatUrl ='//')[2].partition('/')[0]
if args.chatUrl:
tmp_chatUrl = args.chatUrl
tmp_chatMsg = "This meeting is streamed to"
tmp_chatMsg = os.environ.get('BBB_CHAT_MESSAGE', "This meeting is streamed to")
if args.chatMsg:
tmp_chatMsg = ' '.join(args.chatMsg).strip('"')
element.send_keys("{0}: {1}".format(tmp_chatMsg, tmp_chatUrl))
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