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- [docs] Added instructions for local PyCharm run configuration

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......@@ -32,6 +32,15 @@ From the command shell as admin in the folder nlp run
uvicorn app.nlp_server:app --reload
Alternatively you can add a run configuration in PyCharm to have the debugger attached:
1. Click "Add configuration" in the top right corner
2. Add a new Python configuration by clicking on the "+" at the top left
3. Give your run configuration an appropriate name like "FastAPI"
4. In the configuration tab click the first dropdown and select "Module name"
5. Enter `uvicorn` as module name
6. Add `app.nlp_server:app --reload` to the parameters
7. Save your configuration and enjoy hot reload and an attached debugger
The server will be reloaded after editing any file. Check it with which should return *nlp server is available*.
The OpenAPI doc is available under
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