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    Release 1.39.0 · b3a9a996
    MoonlightWave-12 authored
    New button-styles:
     - `change-view`: Highlighted like `special`,
       but with a border at the bottom.
     - `character-group`: Like `change-view`, but with less highlighting.
     - `placeholder`: Less contrast to the background and does not visually
       change when pressed.
     - `subtle-highlight`: For highlighting commonly used characters
       in accent-views, for example.
    New layouts:
     - Portuguese
     - Slovenian
     - Turkish (F-layout)
     - Turkish (Q-layout)
    Remade layout:
     - Portuguese (Brazil): A view for accents has been added.
     - The new button-styles are used in the available layouts,
       where appropriate.
     - The top rows of the terminal-layouts are a little taller.
     - Squeekboard will choose the wide shape of layouts, for more displays
       in horizontal orientation.
     - Highlighted buttons now show visual feedback too, when pressed.
     - Many layouts have been adjusted,
       so that those change their form less when switching views.
     - Various small issues have been fixed, to make layouts mor...