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# TU Dresden Matrix Dokumentation # Hochschule Darmstadt Matrix Documentation
**Website:** **** **Website:** ****
### To build: ### To build:
1. Clone the repository `git clone --recurse-submodules` 1. Clone the repository `git clone --recurse-submodules`
1. `cd Dokumentation` 1. `cd element-docs`
1. Install [Hugo]( 1. Install [Hugo](
1. Run `hugo server -D` 1. Run `hugo server -D`
1. Open http://localhost:1313/ 1. Open http://localhost:1313/element-docs
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### Credits of this Documentation
This documentation has been created based on the Matrix documentation of [TU Dresden]( which was published using a Creative Commons license. Thank You!
The source documentation of TU Dresden can be found [here](https:/a/
The source of the documentation of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences can be found [here](
All customizations made to the TU Dresden documentation in order to create this one can be found [here](
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